Robert Miller

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer
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Master of Science – Astronautical Engineering
Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Software Developer at Startup
Alaska Space Systems Engineering Program
Alaska Department of Transportation


REMORA-6U and 12U Spacecraft
Deployable Alaska Research Sail CubeSat
Open Source Modular CubeSat
Alaska Research CubeSat 2
Alaska Research CubeSat 1

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Recent projects

Solar Sail Spacecraft

DARS is a solar sail CubeSat that has been in development the past three years. DARS aims to deploy a 40 square meter sail and provide passive thrust technology to the small satellite community. During the development phase various deployment and sail packing methodologies were explored. A series of deployment tests and thermal, power, trajectory analyses were conducted to determine mission feasibility. DARS is still in development and is aiming for a lunch date of late 2020.


The REMORA-6U and REMORA-12U satellites are capable of large object rendezvous, attachment, tracking, and collision avoidance mitigation. The mission’s feasibility was accessed during the summer of 2017 where a preliminary design, mission concept, and analyses were conducted, ultimately determining REMORA is capable of the initial mission.

CubeSat Thermal Analysis

A CubeSat analysis was done in conjunction with the ongoing development of the ARC2 (Alaska Research CubeSat 2) spacecraft to provide additional insight into the thermal environment and behavior of the spacecraft. The analysis accounted for various material properties, a dynamic solar flux value, planetary albedo, diffuse radiation, and their related view factors relative to the spacecraft.